A low-resolution picture of me, a white 30-year-old man with a beard and short hair. It was taken using a Game Boy Camera, so it has a pixelated look and uses only four shades of grey. Stamps of sparkles and flowers have been added using the Game Boy Camera.

Hello! I’m Alex.

I’m Alex Reid. I work as Technical Lead at Kudos, working across frontend, backend, and ops, and leading a team making tools to help researchers share their work with the world. I don’t think there’s any tool or language I don’t find interesting, but I have a special place in my heart for functional programming – my dissertation at the University of Hull was an intelligent tutoring system to make the introduction to functional programming (slightly) less traumatic for the uninitiated.

When I’m not working on software, I like to explore Ireland on my gravel bike, travel (especially if it means I get to take a train), and play video games, generally weird indie ones with lots of words in them. I keep saying I’ll make a game of my own one day, but mostly I just make very incomplete prototypes!

Tech I know

Here’s some of the programming languages and other tech I’ve gotten to know, especially those I’ve used commercially. I always relish a chance to try something new, though!

Let’s talk